Welcome to the General Dental Council (GDC’s) consultation on the principles of specialist listing in dentistry.

This consultation invites comment on fundamental issues related to the system of specialist listing:

  • revised purposes for specialist listing, setting out what the GDC expects listed specialties to fulfil, and criteria by which the GDC will determine which disciplines of dentistry should be listed
  • principles for the addition and removal of specialist lists
  • processes for maintaining accreditation on specialist lists.

If adopted by the GDC, following consultation, the revised principles and criteria would form the basis for the GDC to make policy decisions on specialist listing in the future.

In 2019, the GDC plans to consider other matters relating to specialist listing and policy, including further policy work on the process for applications for mediated entry to the specialist lists, by registrants who have not successfully completed a formal specialty training post, but who have a portfolio that can be tested for equivalence. 

The GDC has developed the revised principles and criteria for specialist listing over the past year, with the input and expertise of the Specialty Working Group. The Group is a regular meeting of key decision-makers in specialty education and training, established in May 2017 to coordinate a broad strategic direction for specialty training and education in all four nations of the UK, and resolve any overlaps or links between significant projects developing in the sector relating to specialty training. The GDC thanks the members of the Group for their input.

While the GDC has sought the input of these various organisations throughout the development of this consultation, the law obliges the GDC to make the final decision on specialist listing; thus, the GDC should be considered the sole author of this consultation and the proposals therein.

We would like to hear your views on the questions presented in this document. The consultation runs for 12 weeks from 31 January 2019, closing on 25 April 2019.

Responses may also be sent, along with any queries, to Please note that you may save your progress in the survey and return later.